Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church

Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church

7815 Ley Road, Houston, Texas 77028

Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1956. The families that organized Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church were Minister and Sister Glover, Minister and Sister White, Sister Garner, The Clark Family, The Cole Family, The Mills Family, The Dixon Family, Sister Pryor, The Hampton Family, Brother and Sister David, Nellie Banks, Sister Lee, and Sister Langston. 

Over the course of a few years, some of the members stayed, but most of them left. At this time Minister J. Glover was the pastor, Minister A. White was the assistant pastor, and Sister Glover was the pianist. 

In January of 1959, Metropolitan was able to move to 4704 Evella Street. By the first early morning service at 4704 Evella, only a few faithful members remained: Minister and Sister Glover, Minister and Sister White, Sister Garner, Sister Pryor, The Mills Family, and the Cole Family.

On the Sunday evening of the Entrance Ceremony, the choir sang "Victory in Jesus." Minister Glover served until his death in 1964. Minister A. White became pastor, although he was ill when he accepted. Nevertheless, he served until he departed from this life in 1970.

In August of 1970, Metropolitan welcomed Minister C. Ellis Sr. as their new pastor. Around this same time, our church was burned and we were left without a physical church building. While Brother Clifton Ellis Jr. renovated the building, services were held at Greater Mt. Nebo and Trinity Kashmere. In December of 1991, Minister Ellis died at Metropolitan while in the pulpit. Once again, a pastor was needed.

In March of 1992, Minister Lester Renfro was called to be our pastor and he assisted in paying off the renovation note. However, Pastor Renfro had something bigger in mind. For three years, each Sunday, an "Insight on the New Site" was given. By February 3, 2008, the vision became a reality. Metropolitan moved over to 7815 Ley Road, our current location. 

Pastor Lester Renfro & First Lady Lena Renfro

We are many members, but one body. We are all one in Christ.

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